We have environments prepared for the different needs of children in their particular stage of development. Our programs are divided by the stage of child development, called «development plans» in Montessori, rather than by age.

The educational stages, continuity from the Children’s Community to Primary. Each child grows at their own pace, meeting goals according to their age. Montessori guides are very frequent in these stages of development, and they evaluate successfully to detect when each child is prepared to move to a new level of work or a new division in the school. This type of evaluation is cognitive, physical, social and emotional.

A change or transition to the next educational stage of the center requires the child to demonstrate that he is prepared, in addition to meeting the age requirement, as follows:

Entrance to «Infant Community»: around 18 months or when the child has the ability to climb steps and carry objects without help. The skill will be determined according to the observations of the guides.

Parents must be exactly of a change and transition to a new educational stage in the center not exactly equivalent to a conventional education program.

Entrance to «Children’s House» from 30 months when the child is ready to enter this new environment for children from 3 to 6 years.